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Functional analyses of multi-variant device architecture

Feasibility studies compliant with EU directive requirements

CAD modeling, FEM analyses, hydraulic power and control systems

Technical and production documentation of devices

Supervision over fabrication, deployment, and commissioning

Door-to-door delivery of complete devices

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Check some of the projects and realizations that we have delivered so far:

Vibratory hammer segmented mast
  • Objective: Technical project development, execution, and launch of a vibratory hammer mast with 5 different operational height parameters, using a single winch with a specified rope length tailored to the client's Komatsu excavator and PVE Vibratory Hammer.
  • Implementation: A mast with radio-controlled distribution of two power lines into 8 functions, featuring 5 working height variants.
Transport system for the cooling water pipeline compensator at the Opole Power Plant
  • Objective: Development, execution, delivery, and installation of a compensator transport system for the cooling water pipeline within the limited space between the loading bay and the installation site.
  • Implementation: Building a specialized transport car, with 3 degrees of range for the mounted load, that moves on a track powered by hydraulic force and mechanical winches.
Vacuum drying chamber
  • Objective: Analysis of the technical and functional architecture of possible variants for constructing a vacuum chamber for drying large-sized elements.
  • Implementation: Pre-investment report.
Shock absorber filling line
  • Objective: Analysis of the possibilities to automate the process of filling shock absorbers with elastomers.
  • Implementation: Development of the machine architecture that meets the high-pressure parameters of the process, along with the implementation documentation.
Heavy forms positioner for an injection molding machine 
  • Objective: Analysis of the possibilities to handle heavy forms for injection molding machines with minimal mechanical labor input.
  • Implementation: Technical design of the forms positioner.
Silo Enclosure
  • Objective: Development of a project for unloading big bags and loading silos under conditions of limited construction space.
  • Implementation: Development of the station's technical and production design.
Railcar cleaning line
  • Objective: Analysis of the possibilities to install a prototype device for pneumatic cleaning of railcars after mechanical unloading of coal in a limited space.
  • Implementation: A multi-option report for the device to perform the intended functions within the existing limited space.
Transfer cart
  • Objective: Development of a technical design for a winch-driven transport cart with a capacity of 50 tons.
  • Implementation: Technical and production project.
Stapler unit
  • Objective: Multi-variant analysis of the possibilities for unloading long wooden elements from a transport stack and feeding them onto the production line.
  • Implementation: Multi-variant analysis of the machine's architecture along with the technical implementation project.

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